Month: July 2013

Long time no see

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Somehow I Couldn’t find time or energy to write in a couple of days. I lot has been gong on, not only with the dogs, and my mind was wondering far away from the blog. Chili is 8 months old (tomorrow to be precise) and if she will continue to be such a pain in the butt she may not leave to see her adulthood. Seriously, I don’t know how parents of teenagers do it. At least she can talk back to me. Though she is very expressive with the looks she gives me when I don’t want to play with her. She also became more annoying towards other dogs. She is still afraid of a lot of them but on the other hand she started to bark at the rest when they don’t want to interact with her. Today two dogs gave her a strong lesson on why she should be more polite. Both older females, and both very good with communication. When Chili didn’t respond to their calming signals, and warning signals they chased her away but only as long as it was necessary. Chili was a slow learner but she finally realized that she should respect their personal space.

Salma on the other hand is doing ok but she had some bad experience with dogs recently. First with a very aggressive Yorkshire terrier, and then with a young Belgian shepherd. In both situations the owners were total d***heads, and could be responsible for a serious tragedy. Poor Salma did very good but she was stressed with those situations.