Month: December 2013


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I found her 13 years ago while going to a wedding of my math tutor. I didn’t get past the church door because I saw a little dog running between people, she had her tail between her legs and was generally scared but when I kneeled and called her she came to me and placed her front legs in my lap. I carried her to a taxi and went straight to a vet. She was covered in wounds (probably attacked by dogs). We already had 2 dogs then and I was looking for a new home for her but she ended up attacking any prospective owner. So after all she stayed with us. She had strong temperament and would not restrain from attaching big dogs. She did bite few people and in perspective they all deserved, no one respects a space of a small dog. She did pretty much killed our cat. She was a little nightmare but thinking about it all I’m pretty sure that if we got her now it would be easy to solve her issues. I just didn’t know much about dogs back then.
Now she lives with my mom and they really love each other. Unfortunately she is getting older ad weaker, she doesn’t go for long walks anymore and can’t walk on the stairs because it hurts her joints. She is really becoming more sweet with everyday and I’m happy she has a loving place to spend her last years (I hope it’s still years). My mom even has a full time pet sitter so she is never alone for too long.




My immune system has failed me again

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I’m sick again! Second time this month. We were supposed take dogs to the beach for the whole weekend but instead I’m spending everyday in bed. I haven’t even walked my girls since I came back from Poland.



Fun training after all

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Against my predictions training turned out to be awesome. I guess the key was just not having expectations and being relaxed. Whole class we were leaning how to search for food and objects and we both had loads of fun. And after a whole day of feeling blue those two ours with Chili and Jochem made me happy. I finally relaxed.

Training tonight and I’m not looking forward to it

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It is the first time I’m not looking forward to Chili’s obedience class. I’ve got some devastating news this morning and I wish I could just stay home tonight. I know that our emotions have an impact on our dogs and I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough for Chili tonight. Last week our class went pretty bad already. She completely switched off at the end and even smoked salmon didn’t help. She also didn’t want to go for a walk yesterday afternoon, she started to destroy small objects wen left alone (out of boredom I’m pretty sure as she leaves different evidence than when she had separation anxiety), she barked at a dog this morning and is still bugging Salma a lot.
On a day like this it all becomes too much to handle and I have dark thoughts just like for the first 8 weeks after we got Chili.

Check it out

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Your Pet Kidz Pal's Blog

Hey fellow doggers!

Sharing a pretty nice video ~ I believe pretty well put together of red flag dog interaction at a dog park visit.

I hope you find this helpful!

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Weekend is almost over :(

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Weekend is almost over and I have to wait for 5 days before I can take Chili to our park again(it gets dark before I get home).
We had really nice walks full of good dog to dog interactions and little bit of training (sit and stay, changing positions on a picnic table). I’m too tired to write about it though 🙂
So there will be just few pictures from the weekend.
Oh I love spending time with my dogs so so much!