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Zafra is a young medium sized female dog that was found on Greek streets and brought to the Netherlands. She is a very kind and sweet dog and looks a bit like a miniature Labrador. When I visited her at home for the first time (to let her get used to me before I walk her) she sat next to my and leaned on me with her whole body. Yesterday I took her for a first walk. She was happy to see me enter the apartment even though she is not used to strangers coming in without her owner. She wears a harness with a leash attached in the front so I asked her to sit in front of me so I can attach the leash without putting my arms around her or leaning over her.
She has a very devoted owner that took her to two training courses already (they are together for 2,5 months only!) so I did ask her to sit in while waiting for the lights and so forth.
They are working on recall with a clicker so I took some nice treats with me and my clicker and we did few repetitions of the recall. She is still very much focused on her surroundings, I was walking her on a long line as she goes off hunting sometimes. I did reward her for looking at me and in general paying attention to me. And at the end of the walk she became more attentive and playful.
I enjoyed our walk a lot, and i think she did too.





One thought on “Zafra

    fredrieka said:
    September 23, 2014 at 11:58

    pretty she is pretty

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