Never ending story with a fearful dog

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I haven’t been writing for a while, I’m busy with the studies (spent few ours on operant conditioning today and my head is about to explode) and Chili has been sick. Just after her visit to emergency clinic which was traumatic enough (I wanted to start working on her attitude to vets ASAP) she developed nasty wounds on both of her ears. There was no time to work on her fear I had to take her to the vet immediately and it was bad. As soon as she saw male vet she didn’t want to walk into the exam room and I had to force her in (it’s not something I ever wanted to do, I was being as gentle as possible holding her side with the harness). In the room she was standing in the corner and crying but yet the vet had to see her ears and check her temperature. She did get antibiotics and cream for her ears. And now I’m worried what’s going to happen next time we have to go there. I wanted to work with her this week but after some thinking I decided to start working after out visit on Thursday (this time with the female vet). I have to wait for the levels of cortisol in her blood to go down after so much stress and since she is getting a steroid that suppress her immune system even further I want her to rest and relax as much as possible (which is difficult enough living in a city). I can see that she is more alert since last week and I don’t want stressors to keep on stacking up. I am working with her with clicker getting her to accept me touching her ears I also want to introduce a symbol that she can associate with her ears being touched. I want to do this in order to make her visits to the vet more predictable and also that she will know that when the symbol is not there she won’t be touched. Hopefully in this way she will feel that she can know what to expect. This I will do through classical conditioning.

And on a positive note we received paintings of our girls today!



One thought on “Never ending story with a fearful dog

    fredrieka said:
    October 14, 2014 at 12:34

    It is heart breaking yet you are doing a great job

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