Thorndike and Skinner in the house!

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So we got rats yesterday šŸ™‚ I don’t know what go into me but for last few weeks I was obsessed with rats and I could not let go.

For some reason my partner allowed my madness to develop and somehow I made him believe that getting two new pets is a good idea. As a kid I kept all sorts of animals from mice to oysters (yes I had pet oysters… and snails and spiders). I got my first rat when I was in primary school, I bought him behind me parents back and kept him under my bed for the first week (it was a high bed so he had enough space). His name was Mati and he was a hooded rat with serious skin problems. He was allergic to dairy and animal protein. Back then vets didn’t really know much about rat health so I looked for specialists but special diet was the only remedy. He was a nice rat, would travel on my shoulder and learned how to open every cage. he also hated men and my dog but was really sweet to women.

And now 17 years later I have rats again. Now I know that they are very social and should live with another rat ( I do feel bad about keeping Mati alone). We have to 4 months old males Edward Lee Thorndike (who is more outgoing) and B. F. Skinner (who is a bit shy). In short we refer to them as Eddy and Freddy šŸ˜‰

It hasn’t been 24 hours since they are here so we are giving them space to get used to their new home. For now they are in the bedroom and they haven’t met our dogs yet (dogs got their box to smell). I’m already slowly working on their trust, yesterday with pink grape (works good against cancer) and today with small piece of broccoli which Eddy took from my hand šŸ™‚

Yesterday night I was reading out loud to Jochem with rats in the room, they were eating at that moment so I’m hoping that they will associate my voice with food (through classical conditioning).

I’m so excited to ge to know those little guys.


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