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Tuesday with Star and Chili

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I decided to include Chili in my walk with Star today. I wasn’t 100% sure it is a good idea as Chili has been misbehaving a bit lately but I was confident that I can control them if need be. And in case it wasn’t working out I could always walk Chili back home and continue with Star alone. I decided to take her because they really like each other and always have great time together. I think it comes from the fact that they are very similar in the way they want to play, and in their strength. On the other hand they are easily excitable and their interactions can get intense at times. But I was prepared for that and introduced rules from the beginning. They were not allowed to physically interact while on the leash; they could sniff together, walk next to each other and so on but no funny business. Which could be difficult in the beginning of our walk when they just saw each other after a week. But they understood really fast. Because, Star was very excited when we got out of the building I asked them both to sit down in front of me and I took a big breath to clear up the atmosphere.

They were off leash most of our hour long walk and they were really enjoying each other. I did mix play and running with a bit of obedience. It’s useful to switch on their brain from time to time to lower their excitement.

We met quite a lot of dogs and I was positively surprised how much better Chili was coping with social interactions. With Star there she was really relaxed and ok with all the dogs we met. They both were more interested in each other than other dogs and after short greetings they would move on.